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  • Bee Marking Playing Cards on Sale     2017-12-15
  • Being processed from high-quality Bee playing cards with printer and invisible ink, bee marked cards are popular in USA.

  • Ultimate Perspective Marked Deck Card Sunglasses     2017-11-28
  • The common sunglasses in market may just be a simple fashionable eyewear accessory, but the infrared sunglasses we sale can be a functional item that can see through playing cards.

  • Tally-Ho Marked Decks for Poker Cheating     2017-10-27
  • By wearing our poker perspective glasses, the back marks can be clearly seen. While the edge marks can be clearly seen after being read by our poker scanner.

  • Watch Camera for Poker Cheating     2017-10-25
  • With an HD camera lens, watch camera can scan barcode marked cards twice as fast as its former version.

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